Chiara Modestini


Chiara Modestini is a podiatrist having just graduated from the University of Malta with a degree in Bachelor of Science (Honours) Podiatry. In her final year of studies she undertook a dissertation entitled “A Comparison of Athletes’ General Endurance when wearing Minimalist versus Structured Footwear”. Chiara graduated at the top of her class and moreover her research study was ranked first in her year. These results are a reflection of her hard work and passion for sport and personal wellbeing.
Chiara took up swimming and dance at a young age practicing classical ballet, flamenco, jazz and lyrical jazz, and dedicated a lot of her free time to both activities, with swimming taking up most mornings before school and dance taking up afternoons after school. She carried on practicing both to high levels, competing in regular swim meets and taking part in big dance productions such as Swan Lake.
During her studies at university, Chiara practiced and earned experience in the general state hospital as well as various health centres across the country, focusing on fabrication of insoles, podiatric nail surgery, podiatric anaesthesia, diabetic foot ulcers, podiatric biomechanics, and podiatric clinical practice which entailed paediatrics, geriatrics, sports patients and other specialized groups of patients.
Chiara also forms part of the Association of Podiatrists Malta (APM) and regularly attends various Pod-Podiums. Her interest is in the line of Sports and would like to pursue this at a Masters level in the near future. She is determined and career orientated and takes pleasure working with people where her goal is to help them overcome lower limb problems.