Dalia Cefai Aboulezz

Dietitian & Nutritionist

Dalia Cefai Aboulezz SRDN, PGD (UK), BSc. (Hons), is a state registered Dietitian and Nutritionist working in both the National Health Service and the private sector. She successfully completed a clinical Dietetic traineeship at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales after which she pursued a post-graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Malta.

Nutrition and its effects on health has always been of special interest to Dalia, since she has also undertaken a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition, certifying her as a fitness instructor and health adviser. She has also contributed to research and is a visiting lecturer with the University of Malta.

At Niumee, Dalia enjoys working with all stages of each person’s journey and her motivation to continue learning about alternatives for optimal health has expanded her knowledge of the body as a whole. Dalia’s nutrition philosophy is one that looks at the person as a whole, not only on dietary intakes and supplements, but also on lifestyle and the use of natural therapies to manage chronic diseases. She works with various care givers to form a multidisciplinary team that addresses the needs of each individual to encourage, educate and maintain a healthy lifestyle.