Xanthe’ Schembri

Xanthe Schembri

Xanthe’ Schembri is a Psychotherapist who specialises in the Gestalt school of thought, supporting young people and adults alike, who are experiencing any issues which may affect one’s daily functioning and connection within the self, family and others.

Xanthe’ Graduated with an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Malta. She then furthered her studies by becoming a Gestalt Psychotherapist, whilst also currently reading for a Masters of Arts in Social Policy.

During this time, Xanthe’ worked closely with young people with disabilities and others from various backgrounds, empowering them to lead an independent and an informed lifestyle in preparation to becoming an adult. Throughout this experience, she supported young people face challenges and rise to the difficulties that they experienced such as depression, anxiety, mental health, self-esteem and shame issues related to bullying or lack of identity, and peer or family relationships among other issues. Additionally, throughout her studies, Xanthe’ has also worked with adults from various paths of life including prison, addressing various difficulties and increasing awareness about anger, addiction, incarceration, relationships, stress, and burnout to mention just a few.

Xanthe’ has also attended various training and seminars for personal development and youth exchanges both locally and abroad accompanying young people. Xanthe’ also gives out training and talks to youth groups, youth leaders, adults or parents about various topics including mindfulness, and life skills, whilst lead a supervisory role with trainees and interns within an online service for young people. Developing a particular interest in Social Policy, Xanthe’ is currently managing a European funded project aimed to assist young people to prosper their chances into education or work within any sector.

Xanthe’ is married to Keith and together they share their love for animals, adventure and travelling, but most of all share loads of laughter and infinite dreams.