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Apivita Intimate daily

  • Extremely mild cleanser: it cleanses gently while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Offers protecting and antimicrobial long-term action, while keeping skin’s microbiome in balance with an eco-designed extract of propolis with fast acting efficacy.
  • Respects pH levels & protects skin barrier due to propolis, lactic acid & prebiotics.
  • Soothes skin with chamomile extract, aloe vera juice, allantoin, hamamelis infusion & lavender essential oil.
  • Delivers anti-odor action for a feeling of freshness and all-day comfort.

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Gentle, sulfate-free daily intimate gel specially formulated to offer all-day comfort and freshness while preventing and soothing irritations.Ideal for healthy women of reproductive age to maintain day after day the natural pH balance of the delicate intimate area.


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