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Apivita Pure Jasmine Gentle exfoliating cream

  • Sea salts, natural cellulose and olive grains, gently remove dead cells, while organic propolis extract contributes to the product’s cleansing action.
  • Greek olive oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil nourish and maintain the elasticity of the skin.
  • Lavender organic extract from APIGEA and panthenol, protect against irritation.
  • Organic essential oils of jasmine, neroli and patchouli offer a unique sense of well being and euphoria.
  • Unique scent with relaxing jasmine notes.
  • Pleasant texture that leaves the skin velvety.
  • The patented infusion infusion of a 3 sideritis species combination from the organic cultivations of APIGEA (Sideritis Scardica, Sideritis Perfoliata, Sideritis Raeseri) is used in place of water, enhancing the product’s anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect.

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Gentle aromatherapy inspired exfoliating cream, removes dead cells to reveal soft and revitalized skin, while providing a sensation of euphoria and well being.


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