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Bee Fresh 24h Deodorant Microbiome Respect

•Offers 24h deodorant protection while allowing skin’s physiological perspiration process.

•Combats odor while respecting skin microbiome thanks to its innovative formula enhanced with propolis and other smart actives targeting odor causing bacteria

•Soothes and moisturizes skin contributing to softer underarms, thanks to probiotics and hamamelis infusion

•Easily applied with roll-on format, without leaving traces on clothes or sticky sensation.

•Offers an invigorating, unisex fragrance, ensuring a feeling of freshness all day long.

•Suitable for sensitive skin and for skin made fragile by hair removal

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APIVITA BEE FRESH 24hr DEODORANTRegular price€12,50Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.Quantity1More payment optionsInspired by the rejuvenating freshness of nature, BEE FRESH was created to make you feel fresh & comfortable every day for all day long! Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, without aluminium salts and alcohol and enriched with propolis1 and probiotics it is the answer to all women and men looking for a natural, clean, and yet effective deodorant.


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