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GUAM FIR Tourmaline Mud Based Cream (GUAM FIR Fangocrema Tourmaline)

Reduce the appearance of cellulite, lumps, bumps and imperfections with this tightening body cream, designed to reshape and slim the bodies silhouette. With GUAM SEAWEED, VEGETABLE EXTRACTS + BLACK TOURMALINE for the benefits of FIR Far Infrared Rays

FIR Tourmaline mud cream acts against cellulite * imperfections in a decisive and concrete way thanks to the properties of GUAM algae combined with mineral tourmaline and precious plant phytocomplexes. It meets the need of those who want to constantly treat the problem of cellulite * skin imperfections with visible results.

The formulation of Fangocrema FIR Tourmaline is enriched with a complex based on Tourmaline, a pure natural mineral, which absorbs body heat and re-emits it in the form of Far Infrared Rays, to the benefit of cells and tissues. FIR Tourmaline mud cream increases skin temperature and microcirculation, favoring better absorption of the active ingredients of Guam seaweeds.

FIR Tourmaline mud cream gives the skin a warmth effect and the “active tingling” typical of GUAM Seaweed Mud, acting quickly and effectively.

* Cellulite: skin imperfection and adiposity of the skin.

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