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GUAM Seaweed Mud for Deep Rooted & Stubborn Cellulite (Fanghi d’alga GUAM Radicata e Ostnata)

They counteract the imperfections of cellulite * and the most stubborn and resistant adiposity of the skin from the very first applications. Thanks to the Bioactivity extract from Guam Marine Algae with a strong antioxidant power, they fight free radicals by improving skin tone.

The Bioactivity extract comes from the patented process of bioliquefaction of the GUAM Seaweed, which allows to recover its active ingredients in highly available phytocomplexes. The extract obtained has an Orac ** value of 1565, which is an antioxidant power and an ability to fight free radicals 3 times higher than the traditional extract (ORAC 400).

Not suitable for the most sensitive skin.

* Cellulite: skin imperfection

** Orac: unit of measurement of the antioxidant capacity of biological substances

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