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Shine Brown by BYROKKO Chocolate Bronze


This wonderful tanning innovation will help you achieve an intense, chocolaty tan with less exposure to the sun or in a tanning bed. It also smells like real chocolate! Expect fast results in less time with the BYROKKO™ formula and enjoy the natural tanning experience with our secret tanning blend of butters and oils that nourish and hydrate your skin.

  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Incredibly delicious chocolate scent
  • Nourishes and hydrates your skin during sun exposure
  • For all skin types

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Discover the world of ultimate tanning with Shine Brown Chocolate Bronze. The first-ever Shine Brown cream infused with a bronze glow, which will take your tanning experience to dazzling new heights. Specially created for all tan and summer lovers, this formula spreads effortlessly, does not stick to the skin and does not leave greasy marks. Enriched with quality ingredients, this innovative tanning blend contains the irresistible scent of real chocolate. Discover exceptional, rich and intense results, suitable for all skin types. Our best-selling formula guarantees a memorable tanning experience that nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving you with a radiant sun-kissed glow and a hypnotic shine that will make people jealous. Just like its predecessors in the Shine Brown family, this tanning hero accelerates your tan, giving you deep, rich and luminous color in record time. Its luxurious texture is soft to the touch and not sticky at all, blending effortlessly into the skin like chocolate. Thanks to its rapid absorption, you can multiply applications and obtain a deeper, darker tan with as little exposure to the sun as possible. Optimize your tanning time and enjoy the results. Our first Shine Brown cream with bronze highlights is truly a game changer and stands out from other tanning products on the market. If you want to increase your tanning potential and your self-confidence, look no further. Whether in sunbeds or under the sun, Shine Brown Chocolate Bronze promises exceptional performance and will become your essential for vacation, summer or simply all year round. And let’s not forget its seductive scent: the best BYROKKO can offer, reminiscent of delicious chocolate. Enhance your tanning routine with Shine Brown Chocolate Bronze: the epitome of luxury, unparalleled results and a shimmering glow that is simply irresistible. THE LEGENDARY SCENT OF SHINE BROWN™ Shine Brown fragrances are now legendary. And Shine Brown Chocolate Bronze is no exception: the perfect chocolate scent is like irresistible magic on your skin.



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