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Shine Brown by BYROKKO

Get a natural, darker and longer-lasting tan by exposing yourself less to the sun or sunbeds.

Get fast results whatever your skin type and enjoy a natural tan with our best-selling formula that nourishes and hydrates your skin.

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Famous Shine Brown™ fragrance
  • Fast absorption and stain-free application

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Expect fast results regardless of your skin type & enjoy the natural bronzing experience with our best-selling formula that nurtures and hydrates your skin. Created cruelty free with no chemical nasties added, our top seller is your natural shortcut to the tan results you are looking for. Achieve a next-level natural bronze with our 2020 improved tanning cream Shine Brown™️ formula for extreme tanning results, next-level hydration, skin-replenishment, and rich dark glow. It works great in tanning beds or in the sun and more than 500 thousand satisfied customers can confirm that. Shine Brown will become your go to tanning essential after you give it a try as we thought about everything your skin needs to achieve the best tanning results. While it works fast, Shine Brown cream moisturizes your skin, allowing it to stay silky smooth and nurtured throughout and after your tanning process. You will see how your skin glows when you apply it but isn’t sticky and absorbs in a matter of seconds. Your skin gets what it needs, even before you start tanning, that’s the secret to beautiful tan. No shortcuts were taken and the premium BYROKKO combination of 100% natural oils became popular for ultra dark tan lovers too! Only the highest quality oils are carefully mixed together allowing the cream to absorb fast and get you tanned even faster. This way you will stay in the sun for a shorter period of time while getting more tan than ever before. Get the most out of your tanning experience, every time you decide to sunbathe or visit a tanning salon. The tropical scent will only add to this bronzing experience as it is the perfect mixture between fresh and sweet.



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