Male sexual dysfunction affects nearly 50% of fifty year old males, and can be quite distressing for males and their partners.

Erectile dysfunction may also be a sign of ill health or can be caused by concomitant treatment or surgery.  It is important to discuss your symptoms with a urologist who will guide you on how to manage them. The visit might include a physical examination, and investigations, such as blood tests and ultrasounds, may be recommended.

Male infertility may be responsible for up to half of the infertility problems that couples encounter. It is a condition which is enshrouded in lack of awareness. A urologist with special interest in male factor infertility will carry out a comprehensive assessment of the male partner to help identify any causes that may be treatable. Treatable causes form a minority of the male factor infertility; therefore if treatment is not successful the urologist will advise on how to proceed with assisted reproductive technology and will provide an appropriate referral.

An intimate relationship is important even in the mature age group. At this stage in life this may be hampered by prostate problems that may be benign or malignant. An adequate explanation of the signs of prostate problems and screening tests should be done by a urologist.

Niumee provides the best environment for a quiet and intimate consultation in a discreet fashion where clients can feel comfortable to ask any questions they would like to.