The Vampire Facial – The most talked about treatment in Hollywood, made famous by the Kardashians -is available at niumee

Platelet-rich-Plasma (PRP) therapy is a natural method for skin rejuvenation and repair that involves injecting your own plasma into the problem areas to help regenerate your skin and reverse the signs of aging.
If you want to delay the aging process but are hesitant to try surgical procedures, this mildly-invasive technique provides you with a safe and effective option.

Not all PRP is created equally – by using the Magellan Tru PRP System, we can deliver the highest purity for optimum results with fewer treatments.
• Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a purified form of the client’s own blood, containing a rich concentration of platelets and important growth factors delivered to the deep layers of the skin through micro-channels created by skin micro needling
• PRP stimulates the production of collagen, improving the volume and texture of your skin
• PRP assists with hair loss, increases hair thickness and improves hair texture
• Also introducing the O-shot and P-shot