Semi-Permanent Makeup by Sue Caruana


Ideal Candidates

Semi-permanent makeup, when done by a true professional, should be subtle and enhance your natural beauty. Its aim is to correct and balance your appearance.


The Procedure

This is a cosmetic procedure performed only by a qualified technician. The innovative technique deposits hypoallergenic, mineral-based pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The technique is similar to a tattoo and is performed to a medical grade standard. Prior to the procedure, gel anaesthetic is used and during the treatment you will only feel slight discomfort.


Colours Chosen

Each treatment is completely bespoke and tailored to the individual, this includes the colours used, the shape of the brow, the contour of the lips, the depth of colour and how natural or enhanced you wish to look. The colour of your eyes, the colour of your skin and the colour of your hair are all taken into consideration and colours are blended to perfectly suit each different client.


How Long Does It Last?

Semi-permanent makeup will last between nine to 18 months and a yearly top-up is recommended to maintain your look fresh.


After The Procedure

The treated area usually heals within three to seven days following the treatment. You can apply mineral based makeup straight away, however regular makeup should be applied only after the area has healed.

Straight after the procedure brows and eyeliner tend to look darker and lips will look more intense, however this will soften within a few days.


List of services:


Cosmetic tattooing

  • Powdered Brow
  • Feathered Brow
  • Ultra-realistic Brow
  • Eyeliner Basic
  • Eyeliner Latina (eyeliner with flick)
  • Custom Design


  • Lip liner
  • Liner and blush
  • Full lip (lip liner and full lip)

Yearly maintenance touch up is usually required.

Scalp tattooing

  • For bald patches
  • Scarring
  • Alopecia