Sports therapy is a combination of specialized training and treatment including massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy and muscle manipulation, to improve body mechanics, posture and prevent injuries while improving nervous system efficiency. One of the main aims of this Functional & correctional clinic is to use sports as therapy and a tool to improve the individual’s body, mind and lifestyle. It’s specifically concerned with prevention of injury and helps in rehabilitation to get the individual back to optimum level of functionality, occupational and sport specific preparation.

It can also be used to enhance body and brain functions to perform better in every day task and for sports performance. As one of its priorities, focus is given to reduce and manage pain sustainably as a long term goal. In this Clinic several additional therapy methods and a wide range of training types are used to assist in the end result of the individual’s therapy.

What are the benefits of combined treatment and training?

  • Injury prevention                                                           
  • Body structure balancing
  • Improvement of body movement and mechanics 
  •  Help in fat loss and weight management             
  • High level performance training
  • Assisting specialists, coaches and trainers in injury prevention, rehab and specialized training   
  • Correction of running technique
  • Physical and mental preparation to perform in any sport or physical activity.

Sports Therapy