Can The Course Be Repeated?

Six weeks must pass from the end of the first cycle before starting another one to improve on results. Multiple courses should be discussed with your doctor.


How Long Is The Programme?

You can choose to follow either the three-week or the six-week course.


Are There Side Effects?

No serious side effects have been reported, however, there are a few minor ones that you should be aware of. Among these, mild headaches and slight joint pain can occur during the first stage of treatment; this is due to the body’s detoxification process.


Will I Be Hungry Throughout?

You should not feel hungry if you follow the programme as advised.



Will I Gain The Weight Back?

If the diet is done correctly and you do not overeat after completing it, you should stay within one kilo of your ending weight.


Do I Need To Exercise?

No exercise is needed, but if you wish to do so, 30 minutes maximum of exercise daily is allowed.